Heart of the City runs on volunteers, and we welcome you to join us!
 If you are interested in volunteering, please review the role descriptions and submit a Volunteer Interest Form below.

Front Desk

Time Commitment: 2-4 hours a week

This is the first person someone meets when they enter Heart of the City. This person is an excellent and compassionate communicator, and has the ability to complete simple administrative tasks and projects.

Intake Specialist

Time Commitment: 3 hours of training and 1 hour per appointment, on call

This is the person who makes an initial communication with a client and hears their story over the course of an intake appointment. This is a compassionate, highly communicative person who is able to multi-task.


Financial Mentor

Time Commitment: 1.5 hours per week during Money Management 101, and/or on call

We want our clients to be as successful as possible long term. A financial mentor helps walk clients walk through their finances and spending habits using budgeting tools and other resources provided by Money Management 101.


Time Commitment: varies, depending on client

Many of our clients request help with filling out forms, attending appointments, or just going to coffee to talk. We need volunteers to simply be a friend to our clients who would benefit from companionship and personal assistance. This person is loving, supportive, and has the ability to set boundaries.

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