Counseling Interns

In partnership with A New Life Christian Counseling . . .

Please note that while the worldview of each our interns is founded on Christian values, we also respect differing views of faith and spirituality and respect the choice of not including religious preferences during our time together. As professionals, we are able to offer helpful, supportive, insightful, and meaningful therapy to all who are willing to work towards their personal goals.


Sam Freshner - Intern Counselor
First Responders, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Transitions, Adults, and Teens

Everyone’s life journey has mountains, valleys, creeks, and oceans to traverse and it can sometimes be overwhelming! We experience joy, sadness, triumph, loss, and the complete gamut of emotions on our travels. While no two people’s life journey is exactly the same, there are people who can help you along the way through understanding, caring empathy, and educated guidance. My belief as a counselor is to be here to help you follow or seek a change to your path, to make it the most direct and smooth course it can be. 

Each time we pick up our foot, extend it in front of us, and then put it down again is one more step to moving “ever forward.”



Debra Kannan - Intern Counselor
Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, PTSD, Abuse, Children, Teens, and Women

Changes in life can be tough and difficult to navigate alone, yet provide great opportunities for personal growth and renewal. I see health as a harmony of body, mind, and spirit. I provide a safe and accepting space for you to explore and process your thoughts and feelings to enable healing, clarity, and insight. I will journey alongside you, to inspire and support you, and to help you rediscover your own unique potential and empowerment for lasting change.

My special interests include Lifespan Integration Therapy, Play Therapy, and the use of expressive and somatic therapy models. I look forward to meeting you and journeying with you toward well-being. 


Worku Negussie - Intern Counselor
Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, mental & emotional health, individuals, couples and families.

I entered the counseling field because of a life-long passion to see people live out their full purpose in life. With a listening heart, I see myself to be an instrumental agent others’ search for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing. As a counselor, I consider it a sacred honor to facilitate the process of a client solving their own problems while demonstrating a genuine concern and compassion for their dilemmas.