In response to the community need and our call to serve the whole person and whole community, Grace Chapel is founding The Heart of the City. This mission, through a shared facility and support system, is a mission that addresses the mind, body and soul of each person. It will meet its purpose through connecting people, promoting health and wellness, expressing compassion and care, and providing personal development by maximizing resources via strategic partners.

Connecting People

Every city is made up of many neighborhoods; thriving cities, in particular, are made up of healthy neighborhoods. All too often, neighborhoods can be filled with strangers instead of neighbors. The Heart of the City seeks to provide a safe place for relationships to foster and grow. Our goal is that this space will provide an accessible community gathering place for activities, meeting spots and life enhancing programs that will foster connections with friends and families. The Heart of the City will create an ethos of strengthening and uniting the community by bringing together its diverse, multi-generational and ethnic expressions.

Health and Wellness

We believe in a holistic approach to wellness - the importance of a person’s interior and exterior health. Through sports, fitness, and recreation, these initiatives help develop a positive use of leisure time and reduction of stress. Athletics and recreation can enhance health and wellness by increasing daily physical activity, teaching good nutrition, developing healthy relationships, learning social and interpersonal skills, and providing family centered activities.

Compassion and Care

The Heart of the City will serve as a hub of social responsibility for those in need. Whether hunger and poverty or abuse and recovery, The Heart of the City is created in response to social challenges and will function as a lifeline in our city and to communities around the world. We understand the challenges that keep individuals from reaching their full potential. We hope to respond with services and support that help people to be self-reliant and productive contributors to the community, while maintaining dignity and respect. We plan to provide support through services focused on critical needs such as a food distribution, medical clinics, child welfare, advocacy, addiction recovery, grief care, clothing, senior assistance, and benevolent resourcing. In addition, The Heart of the City will host a Counseling Center providing a caring environment for spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. Services will include support for those struggling with life issues, emotional trauma, substance abuse, behavioral problems, divorce recovery, as well as marriage and parenting workshops.

Personal Development

We believe that every person carries intrinsic value and has the potential for great things. We also believe the values and skills learned early on are vital building blocks for life. Living and thriving requires the opportunity to learn and grow in basic skills of life. The Heart of the City will seek to provide development programs, counseling services, transitional housing and educational opportunities including: adult basic education modules (math, reading, writing, social studies, spelling, vocabulary development), GED preparation, and college preparation assistance. It will also offer computer literacy, career employment skills education, resume writing, job search, and job training to help prepare individuals for the increasingly vigorous task of obtaining employment.